Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Teachers Day to all 21st century Teachers

"A successful 21st century teacher must have the 3 crucial elements of compassion, passion and dispassion. Compassion because the teacher needs to empathize with the student and tune up to the level of the student. Passion because only a flame ignites another flame. Passion for the subject is highly infectious - a desirable attribute of the teacher. And finally Dispassion is needed so that the teacher can learn from students feedback / criticism as well. A lack of one of these 3 crucial elements will manifest as an obstacle to enjoy the teaching process. A genuine teacher not just builds expertise in a student in a certain subject but also builds "learnability" which is invaluable for the student. I hope that in future years more of the dynamic educated youth in India take up teaching on a part-time or full-time basis and contribute to India's ascent to be a superpower by capitalising on the historic demographic dividend opportunity that India has today. I am optimistic that the new Union Govt takes bold steps to revamp our education system and facilitate willing citizens to contribute to teaching in a big way. With abundant technological tools available, we are on the cusp of an e-edu-revolution. Happy Teachers Day to all 21st century teachers."

- Prof. Durgesh C. Mangeshkar