Wednesday, September 23, 2015

An Engineering Aspirant's Plight Today

"I need to prepare for CET and JEE.
My college does not teach that.
My college teaches for XII Boards only.
But XII Boards marks have zero weightage.
Despite all this, Govt has made it compulsory for me to attend college.
For CET + JEE coaching, I need to join private classes too which advises me to study for atleast 6 hours daily at home without compromising on sleep.
Honestly, I don't need to attend college besides Practicals as I don't learn anything new in college since my classes cover everything.
Why is the Government making college attendance compulsory ? "

Is the Government listening ? Do they understand the plight of a student ?
Making policies based on pseudo-socialistic ideologies leads only to the suffocation of the student. Instead of talking only about student-centric education, Govt better do a reality check and make amends.
Either improve the quality of education in junior colleges drastically OR get out of the way and grant students freedom to attend at will. Compulsory attendance borders on cruelty to students.

NB: 80% of Junior Science college students in India happen to be Engineering aspirants !!!

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